Negotiation in its literal sense means to compromise or to bargain in order to agree upon a certain outcome. We negotiate on a daily basis. To state an instance, when you bargain with a shopkeeper for a certain price to buy a product, the shopkeeper compromises to settle the matter for a lesser amount than the actual price of the product. This settlement on both the sides to reach a common ground is one such example of everyday negotiation.

In the legal sense, Negotiation is a method of Alternate Dispute Resolution and is a voluntary process, i.e., there is no binding decision on the parties, and they can withdraw anytime during the process. Parties can either directly or with the help of a Legal representative can participate in the negotiation process. We here at Chambers of Priyanka Sethia aim to represent you in your negotiation proceedings and settle the differences between the parties when they are in an amicable and bonafide relationship in order to avoid any argumentative situation or dispute.

When both the parties compromise to find a mutual outcome, the end result of such a compromise is a contract of settlement. To state another example, the foremost step before entering into a valid contract is the one where parties negotiate for the terms and conditions that they want to include in the contract. A well negotiated contract is an essential requisite for every business transaction, as it keeps you out of conflicts. There are some key essentials to keep in mind while aiming for a successful negotiation, such as, what are the interests of the parties, how to communicate these interests so that the agreement between the parties is secured, try to create a win-win situation, the needs negotiated upon must be legitimate.

We at Chambers of Priyanka Sethia can help you negotiate the terms of contractual agreements that you’ve entered upon and guide you regarding the terms that would prove to be beneficial for you in the long run.

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